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Ali Zaman
Information Technology 101
Professor Ali Emdadi
IT News Report 1
Article SummaryThe Apple TV is as revolutionary as it is sleek. The Apple TV is a small square box about three inches wide. It is not only small but also easily accessible from any Apple device. All you have to do is connect it through an HDMI cable to your HD television and instantly all of the things that you see on your IPhone, Ipad, and MacBook are shown onto the TV in a process called airplay. Not only are videos, word documents, and pictures shown wirelessly onto to your TV, but also many applications like Netflix and Hulu Plus can be downloaded onto the device itself. The cost for this device is about 99$ but it works seamlessly with your own apple devices as an ecosystem. This device has revolutionized the reason for buying apple products because of this automatic feature of being able to see your Apple things on the big screen. Many other cool options are available, such as going through the app store to download many of the millions of apps in order to stream different movies and videos. ITunes is also readily available so that whatever songs you have downloaded on your Apple devices can be played through the television. If a video is streaming on your apple device wirelessly to the Apple TV the clarity will be exactly the same. So if you decide to watch a video in 1080p it will be in 1080p, but if you want to change it to 480p that is also doable.
I work as an Apple Specialist, so from my own personal experience of demoing the device to customers the wow factor is always there. This device not only captivates the customer but also continues to blow away any other product out the water. This device is impactful to