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Ashton Gale
Ashton, a man with integrity, authority, freedom, and adrenaline. Ashton can’t be relate to piece of toast or cheese no Ashton is so different he has to be related to a Bald eagle, yup an eagle.

Ashton’s goals in life are simple have a good job, have a beautiful wife and smart kids can’t ask for more. Mr. Gale knows he has to spread his wings to achieve his goals, he has to take that dreadful leap from the nest, but Ashton isn’t going to have any troubles with jumping, he has the discipline that is takes to fly towards his goals, Ashton’s wings are strong enough to fight the winds in life that want to pull his wings but no wind is strong enough to beat him down. His powerful wings are also for his freedom taking him to the Alaskan mountains’ were he has shared hunting memories with his father. Ashton Travels to many places with his wings mainly to hunt. . Ashton doesn’t tend to hunt alone he enjoys hunting with his dad, the man he looks up to, his idol.

See most eagles hunt for fish, snakes, rodents, stuff like that but Ashton isn’t your average eagle, with Ashton’s sharp talons he can take down an elk, or fellow flyer like a goose. Ashton wants to travel to Canada for an epic hunting trip, sounds sweet to me. Ashton told me would rather skydive then bungee jump. Didn’t make since to me until I realized he was an eagle, what eagle would want to be tied to a stretchy noose? I know Ashton wouldn’t, he’d rather dive bomb earth’s surface looking