Assignment 1 HR Information systems Essay

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Assignment 1: Systems Consideration in HRIS
DJhonna M. Jones
Strayer University
Human Resources Information Systems / HRM 520
April 27, 2014
DR. Leslie Wills

Systems Consideration in HRIS
Evaluation of Two Commercial HR Databases Using the internet to research and evaluate two commercial Human Resource Database systems for a fictitional organization. I chose to evaluate Atlas Business Solutions’ Staff Files and Insperity Human Capital Management. Both systems provide simplified single system solutions to managing employee files as well as payroll taxes and so on. Atlas Business Solutions’ Staff Files is a data record of all employees registered in the organization. It eliminates the need for paper files and is a simple concise system used by such companies as ESPNSTAR.COM and United Way (ABS Business Solutions, 1995). Some of the features include storing employee information in one place, tracking employee history, quick and simple employee information retrieval, secure confidential records. In their Pro Edition, HR is able to handle employee handbooks, office policies and job descriptions as well as change employee records in their audit trail (ABS Business Solutions, 1995). Part of the employee records tracked, are accruals and time off. There are also flexible reports that enable the program to be tailored to the companies needs. Even scanned records can be attached to individual employee records. Insperity Human Capital Management is noted to streamline and simplify the necessary Human Resource Processes. Insperity HCM integrates time and attendance along with Payroll systems. It tracks employee work hours in order to process payroll within the system. The program stores employee training and performance information tracking employee development from the moment of hire until they retire (Insperity, 2013). Insperity HCM also boasts an employee self service portal helping to reduce the amount of HR processes required. There is also ongoing software support that provides advice and technical support on the most current HR best practices. As their website boasts, Insperity HCM couples comprehensive software with technical support. Due to the availability of technical support and Human Resource advice, this makes a more suitable program for the fictional company. Insperity is backed by 27 years of HR experience in human capital management software as well as streamlining the necessary HR processes that free up a company’s HR to handle strategies enabling your Business to excel (Insperity, 2013). The system combines the needs of accrual and time management with the basics of training for the employee from employment to retirement. These necessary features coupled with software support make the system more appealing than any other system.
Efficiencies from Using a SAAS versus MS Access based database
Using an SAAS system instead of using a MS access based application is numerous due to the use of computer systems in today’s companies. A number of HRMS vendors have joined the SAAS market. To a small degree the short and long term results of SAAS are being reviewed. The lack of upfront licensing fees, annual maintenance and support cost, no set up expenses or hardware purchases make the SAAS more of a rental situation rather than the ownership situation that the MS software was. The purchase of “middleware” is used in order to ensure that SAAS systems integration among all of the different off site SAAS systems is the side effect of the widespread use of SAAS systems. This becomes the hidden expense of SAAS systems. An article in Information Week pointed out some of the problems that many companies are just coming to appreciate. In the article, it stated that only 24% gained some capabilities over traditional On-Premise software, while 39% had to sacrifice some capabilities to use SAAS.
The Three Most Significant Risks associated with Combining Products from Multiple Vendors