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A Report on Investigate the intention of residents in UK to watch the London’ Olympic Game

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Introduction 3
Methods 3
Result 4
Discussion 10
Conclusion 12
Reference 13
Appendix1 14
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London will hold the 30th Olympic game which attracts the vision all over the world. Compare to Beijing, people who live in UK may have the different way of thinking about it. As the result, what is the intention of residents on watching this game? This report will explore the intention of residents on watching the Olympic game. The whole report could be divided in 6 parts, and the main information is going to be present in methods, result and discussion. Some reference will come from website relevant Olympics.

The research will explore the intention of residents to watch the Olympic Games; the researcher collected the data by questionnaires which had addressed 6 questions on the paper. And the information on questionnaires could be divided into 2 parts: the interviewee’ basic information and some questions relevant to the topic. The content could be listed as: what is your intention of watching Olympic game? What kind of game is your favorite? Where will you watching the game? And what are the suggestions on the game. It is important to interview varying people for the different opinions.
The problems which came with the questionnaire could be listed as:
-what to do next if interviewer reject the questionnaire?
-how to choose the appropriate people who is being researched?
-what to do if something problems with understanding?
-what time is the best to do the research?

The interviewees were interviewed around Gunwharf, Tesco, and the University of Portsmouth. And the total number of people who has been asked is 32. But in fact, there are only 20 people who were willing to response. During the research, the interviewees had rejected questionnaires at first. Then some methods were used for earning more supports. For example, 1 cigarette was given to the interviewee for 1 questionnaire. Then the problem had been solved. And after the interview, there is an analysis on the data collected; further discussion would be had to find some reason and relationship around the results.

Basic information about interviewees:
|Please indicate your gender |
|Male Female |

There are 20 people who were interviewed in total. And it concludes 15 men, which is 3 times than the women. It is obvious that the majority of interviewees are men.
|2.Please indicate your age (in years) bracket: |
|18-20 22-25 26-30 31-35 35 and above |

The age of the interviewees is in a wide range, the majorities of interviewees are 35 years old above, and reached at 9 people; in contrast, there is only one person whose age is between 31and 35 old. The number of who is 22-25, and 26-30 is same.
And it could be shown as the following bar chart:

|3.Please select your highest education level |
|Schooling undergraduate postgraduate professional qualification |

The amount of interviewees with different levels of education is almost same. So most of
Interviewees are undergraduate students, and only 4 people are professional qualification, actually, the education…