Auschwitz Essay

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During the reign of Adolf Hitler the monolithic society of the Nazis had one ideally “perfect” way to make sure the Jewish ways, people, and culture became extinct. Behind all of the executions, slavery, and brutal punishments on the Jewish was one large, demonic terror: Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the largest death camp during the times of the Holocaust. It was the Nazis ideal death camp. Auschwitz contained 3 concentration camps, one which extended into an execution camp. These camps were filled with SS officers that gave out nothing but pure hatred to the poor Jews that had the bad luck to be brought to this “camp from hell”. These three camps were called Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Berkneu), and Auschwitz III (Auschwitz- Monowitz). Later on, the 3 camps were made independent and Auschwitz I was the only one left with its original name. Auschwitz I was a 300x200 meter area that was surrounded by electric, barbed-wired fencing and consisted of 27 brick barracks that held 3000 people and 90 wooden barracks that held 9000 people. Also in this unsanitary, cramped area were 5 large crematoriums. These nasty areas were used to suffocate people with gas then burn their bodies in an oven. Also in Auschwitz I were kitchens, bathhouses, laundry facilities, package depot, and storehouses, all where many of the inmates were forced to work. Lastly, Auschwitz conditions were terrible. Given rations of soup and bread each day the prisoners often died from starvation. All prisoners were identified with a tattoo on their arm and forced to wear striped “pajamas”. This increased their vulnerability and humiliation. Auschwitz separated men and women. Only few women survived “picking”, where all prisoners were judged to see who was strong enough for labor. All others, elderly, pregnant