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Automotive engineer When you are thinking about a career in the automotive field there are many categories or jobs that you can choose from. There are techs that paint cars, techs that wire cars, mechanics, engineers and so many more. But most of them are trades or skills, where engineering a car is much more advanced than just working on them. You design, build and understand every aspect that it takes to make a successful selling car. There is a lot that goes into making a car in today’s world. Cars have become much more advanced than they were even 10 years ago. First of the skills that you must learn when you go to automotive engineering school is vehicle power systems, how to wire a car and make everything inside of them work. Things like getting spark to the motor to make it run. Learning how to make a car handle and turn and aerodynamics such as how to make a car cut through air so it gets better gas mileage.
Automotive engineers are not directly involved in designing or manufacturing, but they will work with designers and production engineers to make sure that the whole process is done right and possible. Typical work activities of an automotive engineer consist of working on the development of land-based vehicles and their activities are either, design new products or revising existing ones, research and development, finding solutions to engineering problems, or production of new cars.
Most engineers start with a school training that lasts about 12-24 months, which is a series of placements in different departments in the company. During this time the engineer gains learns general knowledge in other areas of the company and can build up a bunch of contacts. These contacts can be used later in their career to find a job in the field. These jobs are usually based off of a car company; engineers will work directly with the car manufacture to modify the prototypes that the designers make. Designers