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Samantha Toth
Ms. Borawski
Period 4
March 28, 2015
Drivers Licence and Grades
ACT Prep Essay Some state legislators have debated whether or not teenagers should have to maintain at least a C average in order to get their drivers license. Many believe that this shows responsibility, which then carries over into responsible driving. Others think that grades show no correlation with getting a drivers license and that anyone applicable should be able to receive one.
Although some may disagree on the fact that grades are relevant when it comes to receiving a drivers licence, I believe that maintaining a C average should be necessary. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with driving and behind the wheel of a car that can weigh more than 2 tons, should be a responsible driver. A responsible person would care about their education and their grades. It is important to be responsible when driving because just one mistake can have drastic consequences. Somebody could get hurt, seriously injured, or even die.
Driving is not a time to be having fun or playing around with your friends. You must be mature and aware when getting behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all teen drivers, which is why I believe the best solution would be to make it mandatory for students to maintain at least a C average until they graduate high school. This allows teens who do not meet this requirement the opportunity to get their license so that they can drive as an adult but it is also a consequence of not maintaining a C.

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In addition to the need to be responsible to drive, a teenager must also demonstrate intelligence. Driving involves many tasks and the driver must be able to make intelligent decisions. From being able to read road signs and being familiar with their images, to making last minute decisions to prevent accidents, driving requires a lot of multitasking. You have to be smart enough to not make poor decisions, such as texting, drinking, or fooling around with friends, when it comes to driving. One dumb mistake can cost someone his or her life.
Intelligence is necessary, and although it may be difficult for some, everyone should try his or her best to reach this C average.
Furthermore, having to maintain a C average in order to get a drivers license motivates high school teens to stay in school and keep their attendance up. Knowing that keeping their license depends on maintaining that average, ensures that teens will attend school and strive to do their best. This may sound like punishment to some, but it is a great motivational tool to keep students that may drop out in the school system. It also prevents those that could be dropouts from getting into trouble. This C average gives teens something to work for, knowing that their license won't be handed to them without some standard. Many jobs have