Becoming A Physician Assistant

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When perusing a career there are many things to consider. Such as the annual growth, how happy it makes you, and of course the amount of money you make. These factors have played a large role in deciding what I think I want to do with the rest of my life. Some of my concerns, however have been the relevance of each job option ten years from now and what the market and demand will be like. The good news is that there is a new industry that has recently grown within the last two years that has proved to be highly profitable which is the rapidly growing demand of physician assistants .
I had first heard of the wealth made from becoming a Physician's assistant from a documentary on the career through Vice News. The reporters had gone into great
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Just as i enter the doors I will say hello to the hospitals receptionist Clair although clair never acknowledges my attempts at kindness in saying good morning. She usually just responds with “ You’re late again Askew” while she plays with her fancy ballpoint pen that she won in a hotdog eating contest. Then my work day shall start with me going through routine check ups of regular customers because it is around the time of flu season. Children and adults have highly recommended me to be their personal Physician because of my charm and humor. Although I am exclusive to no one. At around seven o’clock I will leave saint Joe’s and return home from a highly successful day at work. Within the short time of the research done a wealth of information has been gathered about the physician’s assistant career path. Some of the valuable information that was gathered was the tuition price to pursue this career, the median amount of money you will make just starting off in the career path, and the self rewards that come along with the career. My questions before the research have been answered in full detail as far as the money and technicalities go. Although I still have some concerns as to how Physician assistants manage their work time and home time and How helpful they are to the hospital/ private practice as a whole. My thoughts about becoming a physician's assistant have not changed, in fact the drive to pursue this career has increased ten fold. The next steps are to start shadowing some nurses or general practitioners to get a feel for the medical industry myself and of course keeping up my grades and GPA in high school so that I can get into a great medical school that transfers to an exceptional Pa school so that I can obtain my license of practice so I may start my career