Behind The Beautiful Forevers

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2. My summer reading and the documentary were very similar in the content and how the stories were presented. Both deal with aspects of poverty, living in harsh conditions, providing for a family, etc. Also, both use certain techniques to showcase the issues in Mumbai and Guatemala. In my book Behind the Beautiful Forevers, the author makes the reader challenge their previous knowledge by being blunt. Katherine Boo puts up no barrier between the truth and the audience and describes the horrible situation that is going on in an undercity of Mumbai. The children of the slums makes money for their family by digging through trash and risking their lives to try and make it another day. Boo uses descriptive words to make the reader feel like they are there and can smell, feel, and taste the surroundings. In the documentary, the filmmakers also do not hide any of the struggles and attempt to show the hardships of getting day by day. The bluntness of these two texts allows for society to be more informed about issues outside of their community. By not obscuring …show more content…
I think we believe in a person's saying/writing if they have good ethos, pathos, and logos. If they have developed those characteristics, then they are better at expressing opinions, stating facts, and are just a more reliable source. Also, their voice plays a key part of their believability. If the speaker/authors have a good voice then more people will want to listen to what they say. Personally, I want to listen to someone if they are good at story telling. A good story teller can captivate their audiences and keep their attention til the very end. For example, Sarah Kay's TED talk was filled with story telling, in the form of spoken poetry. Her poetry kept the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering what she would say next. The power of voice is something that can influence many people. When did the power of voice become so powerful? It can be used for good or bad, and people eat up a good