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A Hospitality Assignment
Part A: Internet Research
“Using a range of information sources including the internet, media and libraries, answer the following questions.”

Question 1
“Outline 5 sectors of the hospitality industry and give two examples of establishments within the local area which operate in each sector.”
The hospitality industry is an industry that incorporates a variety of services that depend on people’s leisure time and money that can be freely spent. There are different sectors within the hospitality industry which separates each service into varying categories. Here, and to answer the question, is an example of 5 sectors with “two examples of establishments within the local area which operate in each sector.” -The Food and Beverage Sector
The Food and Beverage Sector deals with the making and serving of assorted meals and beverages. Examples of services within this sector include: cafes, restaurants, bars and fast food outlets. This sector demands high standards of quality to be maintained - particularly in the preparation of food as illness can result for the customer due to standards not being upheld. This sector of the industry (according to “… employs more than half a million Australians and accounts for around 4 per cent of nation’s gross domestic product.”
Two examples of establishments that operate locally within this sector are:
-Panarottis, Blacktown
A restaurant serving meals and beverages including the sale of alcohol.
-McDonalds, WestPoint – Blacktown A fast food outlet providing meals and beverages in a short time frame.
-The Accommodation Sector
The Accommodation Sector offers its customers a place to stay and rest. This place can have minimal facilities and service up to luxurious amenities and personal service. Examples of these is firstly a back-packer hostel which, like mentioned previously has minimal facilities and almost no service. These are for people generously on a budget and just need somewhere to sleep. On the other hand hotels like ‘The Four Seasons’ Hotel in Bora Bora which provides its guests with affluent furniture and impeccable service. Other examples of services in the accommodation sector include: Motels, Bed and Breakfast and Caravan Parks. Most accommodation establishments require staff to clean the rooms at least once every 24 hours and a lot of business in this sector provide food and beverages.
Two Examples of establishments that operate locally within this sector are:
-The Sportsman’s Hotel, Blacktown
A small business which provides decent accommodation and food and beverage services available
-Travellodge Blacktown Hotel, Blacktown
Similar to The Sportsman’s however Travellodge is a bit classier.
-Clubs and Gaming Sectors
Although the Club Sector and The Gaming Sectors are different – Gaming Sectors are often incorporated into Club Sectors thus creating a close relationship between the two. Specifically, The Club Sector presents facilities, entertainment and/or food and beverages to members of a club who come together due to sharing a common interest, experience or idea. Two examples of establishments in the Club sector, which just so happen to be in the local area include:
-Return Service League Club, Blacktown
A club brought together by members who participated in war. Provides food and beverages, entertainment and gambling facilities.
-Blacktown City Bowling Club, Blacktown
A club knitted together by people with a passion for bowling – lawn bowling that is. Provides bowling tournaments and social functions (which includes food and beverages)
The Gaming Sector supplies and maintains gaming facilities often associated with gambling but not necessarily. These services include: card games like blackjack, betting services such as TAB and poker machines.
Two establishments within the local area which operate in