Self Reflection

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Nhi Tran
Nov 17th 2014
Self Reflection
After the very first speech of this course, which is the demonstration speech, I made a big improvement for this one. Speech is no longer my biggest fear because by this time, I’ve watched enough good examples from my fellow classmates. Plus, I’ve learned from my previous speech mistakes and know how to fix it, putting my second speech to another different level. However, positive and negative are alway come together. Even though I did better than the previous speech, I still have lots of flaws to reflect on.
I like positive things, so I will first start off my reflection with the strength. For the first ever outlining for a speech, I was really confuse and do not know how to develop and organize all of the informations in the right of way. This time, it was so easy to do so even though I still having a little struggle with my conclusion. In addition, this topic— “Child Abuse” is somehow easier than my last one— “How to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” Why? You may ask. The previous one requires a lot of scientific studies and more to make it more reliable because if I do not know well about something, my entire speech will be very trashy and plain. This topic is a more of social connection and very approachable since words are easy to understand, no biology or scientific studies and research are needed. Now, let move on to my speech. For the very first time ever in my life, I feel no pressure before the speech day. I used my notecard more effectively by patiently look at it during my speech word by word, line by line. I talk slower with no rush and repetitiveness. I remember last time, I talk really fast and tend to repeat things over again since I was super duper nervous. I believe that I gave my audience enough awareness. I suppose to provide more graphic and story as an example but I rethink and decide not do so. The reason is because I feel like those graphic and story psychologically effect my a lot, it really break my heart as I see and read it. Thus, I decide to save it for my persuasive speech next time. In short, I did quite lot of improvements, however, there are still flaws within my speech.
One of the my most frequent encounter that I found while I was giving a speech is “organization.” By “organization” I mean that my oral speech was not structured enough like what had been written in my outline or written speech. My speech is lacked of a lot of