Big Bang Theory Essay

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Stars planet atoms water grass – made from big bang –define universe
Could have a multiverse of universe and numerous big bangs are happening around
Galaxies moving far away from us, everything was moving from us
Universe is expanding – started from a single point
Trace back time to find the initial explosion
Hubble space telescope help us look far distances
Big bang took place everywhere; universe was extremely small at the beginning.
How did something occur from nothing? – Infinite temperature infinite amounts

How the universe works
Super dense pack of energy
All 400 billion galaxies, numerous amount of energy created from the tiny dot
That moment decides everything
Super computer create artificial gravities
Too small a gravity results in nothing
Too much gravity results in black holes
Just enough gravity. Shockwave of energy sends the whole universe expanding in large factors. Expanded a huge million times, faster than speed of light.
Plank time. Very small amount of time.
Scientific equation E=mc2 albert Einstein. Matter can be to energy and fro.
Pure energy created entire universe by converting into matter.
Nuclear bomb is the opposite, matter to energy.
Immense energy and temperature.
As temperature slowly decrease, the particles of matter slowed down and stabilize
Collider- 12-foot wide circular tunnel
Make small atoms collide with each other that move at the speed of light
Cannot directly observe but can see the trials of atom collision
Anti matter opposite charge
One little particle of matter survive to