The Big Bang Theory Essay

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Name: sasabbie21
Course: Integrated Science with Lab
Topic: What are some modern techniques being used to determine the age of the earth?
When it come to the earth, whether it be about its life, time created or life span you can assure there will be many different theories and beliefs. In this paper I will attempt to explain the defined theories that exist which explain the age of the earth. Many scientists believes that the earth has a life span it is aging and it will eventually die, while on the other hand religion believes that the earth was created by God or a higher power and that the only one who can destroy it is God and no matter what we as humans do we cannot destroy it.
When it comes to the earth and its creation and its
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Christians believes that the earth will end or die along with all of us when God decides its time, which means this can happen any given day. This means that Christians does not believe that the earth will end in an exact determined number of billion years from now. While on the other hand, scientist’s uses technology and theoretical studies to determine the age of the earth and with human interference with global warming and natural and manmade disaster they have managed to come up with a theory which proves that the earth is aging just like us and over time the earth will eventually die along with the sun, moon and the stars.
As far as new techniques are concerned for religion there is none, religions have remain unchanged from the time they were created and followers follow the same teachings from generation to generation, the only thing that changes is their interpretations and with these different interpretations come denominations and even with this the main belief remains the same. God created the Heaven and the earth and God will return and destroy the earth, and no man shall know the day or the hour when he shall return. “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away”. (Mathew 24:35)
In conclusion everything we know about the beginning of time and the life of the earth are all theories, what we need to do is have faith that the earth and all the elements in the universe will remain forever or at least for many generations