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Substance | Use in cells | Carbohydrates | * Sugars are an example of these and they are used as a quick source of energy * Used to make energy * Starch is another example (starch is used in energy) | Water | * Transport mediums in cells. * Solvent for many molecules inside the cell * Medium in which chemical reactions occur * Used to regulate temperature in organisms | Lipids
(fats) | * Have an oily/waxy/greasy consistency * Form part of the cell membrane * Used as a store of energy * Can form part of hormones | Proteins | * Form structural components in cells and tissues such as bone hair and nails * Are used in the cell membrane to regulate the passage of substances * Form enzymes | Salt | * Assist all chemical reactions * Used in the synthesis of body tissue * Assist in water balance * Essential for nerve and muscle functioning | Gasses such as carbon dioxide and oxygen | * Used in photosynthesis and respiration * Can be used by cells to limit changes in acidity or alkalinity | Nucleic acid | * Stores the information that controls the cell * Makes up chromosomes * Responsible for transmitting inherited information |
Major substances in cells

Teeth break down food into smaller pieces. Chewing food increases the surface area of food to increase the exposure to digestive enzymes.

Diffusion: the spreading out of molecules so that they become equal in concentration throughout an area.

Reliability: Repeated?
Validity: whether you were able to answer your aim. Related to control and controlled variables.
Accuracy: how precise your measurements are.


Cows Moo Softly
(Change) (Measure) (Same)

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