Black Plague Dbq

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The Black Death The black plague was a disease like no other, the disease reached Europe in the mid-14th century and it resulted in deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people which was 60 percent of Europe at that time. The plague was carried from china to Europe through trade and the people of Europe in 1347 didn’t know what had hit them when people around them started dropping dead and could do nothing to stop the pandemic as it spread through Europe. This essay seeks to examine how the black plague changed the world. It will argue that the black plague caused the collapse of feudalism, a loss in religious order and other effects that shaped the world we have today.
One of the main effects of the black plague was the amount of lives
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Because of the extreme devastation of the Black Death many of the priests and the higher up bishops died which Left Christianity with lack of leader ship and followers of god began to question their example of the implications the plague had were the flaggelants.the flagellants were a mob of people that marched through towns self-inflicting pain on themselves by whipping themselves and each other with whips with three tails that had nails attached for days on end to show their devotion to god and seek atonement from god for the sins that they thought made god bring the plague over the world. They thought this would make the disease stop but it carried on and the disease was most likely spread even more effectively because of the blood and flesh strewn over the streets caused by the barbaric beatings. The death of important men of god and the relentless death of millions made people question their beliefs and some people took radical reactions to this which is shown by the flagellants as a desperate plea to …show more content…
Because of the nature of the disease a person could be healthy one day and the next day could drop dead, so people couldn’t manage and bury the dead bodies so a lot were left to rot away in the streets. This caused a chain effect as rats were attracted in hundreds by the rotting corpses, this infecting the rat who carried the disease with them around villages. And animal blood was sprayed in streets because the butchers cut up their meat outside in the open. Which added to the chain as rats were attracted to the blood of animals and humans as well. With so many people dying and an overall lack of understanding of germs and how disease spread medieval life was extremely dirty, this lead to the plague thriving and getting