Blood and Energy Drink Essay

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Conclusion: In our lab we expected that the consumption of a whole energy drink would raise an individual’s blood pressure and increase their heartrate. Each of our 4 group members participated in this experiment by consuming an energy drink and recording blood pressure and heart rate before consumption and at time intervals after consumption of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. From the recorded data, no noticeable increases, in heartrate or blood pressure, were observed. Our hypothesis is not supported through the experimentation of this lab. We are able to conclude from our studies that consumption of energy drinks does not have a significant effect on cardiovascular function. Systolic blood pressure of test subjects: Nick, Mario and Brody before the trials were about 2mmHg less compared to the systolic blood pressure 30 minutes after consumption of the Redbull energy drink. This is deemed insignificant because test subject Taylor experienced a drop of 4mmHg in her blood pressure 30 minutes after consumption. For improved results on the effect of Redbull consumption on the cardiovascular system, I believe that tests should be done in a controlled environment where test subjects are required to stay in a room, preventing any reason for their heartrate and blood pressure to naturally increase or decrease. Time intervals for data recording could also be extended to an hour, two hours, and even three hours.
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