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Bullying Affects Everyone. The incidents of bullying has risen in recent years. According to BullyingStatistics.org, around one out of every seven students are bullied each day. Bullying is a crime which can cause physical and psychological harm to children as well as adults. It should not be pushed under the rug or treated as if it really is not that bad. Bullying should be treated as any other heinous crime and justice should be served for the victims. The incidents of bullying could be greatly reduced by tougher punishments to the violators and education about the effects of bullying for school staff, students, and parents. Based upon Stopbullying.gov, bullying is unwanted and aggressive behavior among school aged children and can happen between adults. Bullying is used to give the one who is bullying a sense of power over the victim. Both the people being bullied and the people bullying may have long lasting serious issues, physical and psychological. There are three types of bullying verbal, social, and physical. Verbal bullying refers to saying mean things or writing bad things about a person. Social bullying is ruining someone's reputation or relationships. Physical bullying is harming someone or their belongings. The types of bullying are important to know, this way you can recognize all forms of bullying. Bullying, no matter what type, has to be intervened. Bullying is not a victimless crime, it is especially heinous and should be treated as so. Bullying affects everyone including the one's who are doing the bullying. Bullying can cause problems with mental health, substance abuse and even suicides (generally referred to as bullycide). According to StopBullying.gov, twelve out of fifteen school shooting cases in the 1990's, the shooters had a history of being bullied. Based on research by Ken Rigby, students who are being bullied have said that they do not like school and are absent a majority of the school year. Children and their education are important, they should not be afraid to go to school. Stiffer penalties and education for children and parents are the two best ways to combat bullying. Parents and teachers need to get involved with disciplining students who are involved in bullying other children. Students should be aware of the seriousness of bullying and the punishments that will follow. For instance, a child who is caught bullying should be given a warning, if twice suspended, and the third time expelled from school. Children should have a class giving information about bullying and show them films about kids who were bullied. If children attended these classes and saw what actually has happened to