Essay on Bullying: Bullying and Better Social Status

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Meaning of Bully
A bully is a loud, argumentative, overwhelming person who consistently annoys smaller or weaker beings.

Covert Bullying
Covert Bullying is when a person socially excludes another. It may be in the form of lying, spreading rumours, negative facial/physical gestures or expressions, playing nasty jokes that could possibly embarrass or ruining someone’s reputation.
Signs of Bullying
Ben Leichtling, a leading bullying expert believes that covert bullying is the hardest to identify. The bully often goes to great lengths to damage the intended victim in the eyes of others. The bully does this so his/her actions can be justified. In most cases the bully will restrict all rights of the victim to the point where the victim has no say in any decisions. Highly sensitive people are the most vulnerable to this form of bullying. The bully’s actions may seem innocent but in the eyes of the victim they are not.

Why Do People bully?
Catherine Bradshaw, a developmental psychologist believes when a bully targets a victim they feel a sense of power. The bully also believes it will give them a better social status but a recent study shows that most bullies are disliked by pupils, which are too scared to speak up. Catherine also believes home and school lives are big contributors to a bullies antics. If the bully experience aggression at home they are likely to show it when bullying their victim. In her past experiences Catherine believes that the bully has not been talked to about what bullying is and that it is abuse.

What are the Effects of Bullying?
Bullying has a negative effect on all victims. Depression and