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Business Letter

Dear Mr. Holmes:

In the last 5 years, I have been a loyal customer of your agency and have always appreciated the excellent customer service you offer. Yet a recent unpleasant experience of your service has shaken my belief in your ability to provide the top notch customer care all the time.

I would like to inform you that I and my friends used Happy Holidays Travel to book our trip to Hawaii on November 12. Your agent, Kim Wong made all of the arrangement for us. She booked us on the American Airlines flight to Honolulu (flight no.734) on February 17, which was scheduled to arrive at 9 am on the morning of February 19. Upon our arrival from San Diego Airport to the New York Airport, we discovered that our reservation for the next flight had not been confirmed and the airline had overbooked the flight. Even though that time was traveling season, we booked the trip 3 months ahead. There should be no mistake for the flight to be overbooked.

Sadly, we were unable to get seats on the plane, which was the last American Airlines flight to Hawaii that day. We were reluctant to book seats on another airline, as we had already paid for our trip in full. Our card was charged, yet we had no flight. Unfortunately, our credit limits was inadequate to book a difference flight on another airline.

Thus we missed our flight to Hawaii, along with our tour group’s departure in Honolulu. We couldn’t speak with Ms. Lucy until two days after our scheduled departure. She was extremely apologetic, but could not explain what had caused the problem. She was unable to book us on an alternative flight to Hawaii on such short notice, but did offer to clear our credit cards of all charges. She offered us no