Facts: Writing and Business Letter Essay

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-cracy/-archy-Form of goverment

Mono-one/Poly-More than one

Anthropo-Human being
Anima-Inner self

-Ism-An action
-Ology-A branch of learning
-Tudes-A condition

Information Belief that cannot presented as be proven. objectively real.

May be true or not Cannot be proven.
--can be proven.

Often numbers; Often text that statistics, dates, makes a comparison measurements. or takes a side.

*Compare to what *Look for facts you already know. that support it.
*Look for internal *Look for other consistency. opinions you trust
*Find another that support it. source. *Use common sense

Expository (Explanatory/Persuasive)
Explanatory expository passages have mostly facts, so you just need to make sure that the facts given are correct. You should be more critical of persuasive expository passages because they give their opinion to influence your opinion. Text aids Text aids are resources that you read or refer to before you begin reading an assignment.
Textbooks include; Chapters include;
*Title *Title
*Table of contents *Introduction, overview, abstract
*Preface *Learning objectives
*Appendices *Section titles *Illustrations, tables, graphs * Summary *Review questions
For expository texts:
*Use the text aids to write questions.
*Use the controlling ideas to write questions.
*Find the controlling ideas by skimming the text.

Narrative: Reflective Questions
1.Is this experience typical of a large group?
2.What we believe or do differently?
For narrative passages, asking and answering the two reflective questions will help you develop your well-informed opinions. Who are the characters? What are the goals of the main characters? What is the sequence of events? Do the characters achieve their goals?
For narrative texts Write questions about the characters, their goals, and the sequence of events. Use any expository text aids you find to help you write questions.
Drama is divided into acts and scenes. It also includes stage directions. Poems have stanzas and lines. Prose has a chapter title and paragraphs. Sometimes you will see sections titles as well, but not often. Functional Text Functional text is a type of nonfiction text that helps you get something done. The text might be instructions from a teacher, a recipe for cooking your favorite meal or one of many other texts to explain how something works.
One or two places- Highlighting Several places- Taking note several places and is a comparison- Building tables
Elements of a Business Letter
Despite the widespread use of email and instant messaging, writing business letters is still a common practice. A