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Grinnell Location
Business Plan

Sandra Navalesi
Grinnell, IA 50112
(641) 236-5555
(641) 236-5565 Fax Line
Hours of Operation:
10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday through Saturday
Noon to 5 P.M Sunday
i. Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents 2
II. Executive Summary 3
III. General Company Description 5
IV. Products and Services 7
V. Marketing Plan 8
VI. Operational Plan 17
VII. Management and Organization 22
VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization 23
IX. Appendices 28 ii. Executive Summary

Dulcinea’s is a designer boutique will open in July of 2011 in downtown Grinnell, IA. The name itself is a hint of the type of specialized experience that women look for in a boutique. The atmosphere is that of a specialty boutique that provides one on one excellent customer service with fashion that is equal to a big city feel, but in a moderate price point and still retaining that small town relationship.
Chic, elegant, sassy, and classic providing women with a look that is modern yet casual and funky all at the same time.
Our customer’s are of all sizes 2 to 12 and vary in age from 16 to 75; there is something for everyone at Dulcanea’s.
The lines that are to be carried are ready to wear designer lines that are casual and contemporary apparel and accessories for women.
The line of accessories includes unique designer jewelry from local artists and also including gloves, small leather goods, bags, belts and sunglasses.
Dulcinea’s is a woman’s owned business with over 14 years of experience and is currently organized as a sole proprietorship.
Dulcinea’s main mission is to provide woman with a boutique that offers:
A comfortable and approachable environment.
To showcase quality, well-constructed fashions from prominent and cutting edge designers.
To offer a variety of beautiful and high-end fashion accessories.
To help women find what fashions and styles match their unique personalities.
To generate buzz and sales though top-notch exclusive sales.

We believe this can be achieved by:
Having a good location in a high shopping area.
Through quality products and with good relationships with vendors
Communications with customers as to what products and services they would like to see us have.
Outstanding customer service.

The objectives for the business are:
To turn the inventory at least 8 to 10 times annually.
To maintain a profit margins at 15-20% though close attention to expenses and cost of goods sold.
To drive awareness and build sales though community involvement and events.

iii. General Company Description

Woman’s Clothing Boutique specializing in unique apparel and atmosphere.
Mission Statement: to provide the customer with a boutique experience that offers a comfortable and approachable environment for all women.
Company Goals and Objectives: Dulcinea’s goals and objectives as a company are to showcase quality, well-constructed fashions from prominent and cutting edge designers while offering a variety of beautiful, high-end fashion accessories. We want to help women learn what clothing and styles go best with their unique style while generating excitement and gaining sales though top-notch exclusive services.
Business philosophy: Dulcinea’s philosophy is that all women have an opportunity to shop in an environment that they are comfortable in and that caters to their unique style that is casual, yet funky.
We will be targeting our market to all women in a moderate price point, ranging in age from 16-75, specializing in formal wear January through May.
The clothing industry is one that is ever changing but always maintains a constant, women feel better when they look their best and that starts with what they are wearing. As the economy begins to slowly bring itself out of recession, the industry as a whole should pick back up and then begin to gain again over time.

The Philosophy behind the Name
To understand the company’s strengths and core competencies you must