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TEAM: Be One TA:HamedTajedin

1. Business Ideas Considered:

The core idea
Student Massage Service

-Positive student service
-Employment opportunities provided
-Large consumer base
-A luxury expense
-Workers can be inexperienced, therefore higher liability
Note Taking App

-Improves ease of formatting notes
-Increases efficiency for the input of uncommon symbols (mathematical operations)
-Technologically difficult to implement
-Potential for low demand—not that innovative
-Implementation problems of technology
-Expensive to carry out
Waterless toilet

-Saves water—green product
-Decreases hydro bills
-Difficult installation
-Counterproductive because plastic bags are needed for the design of this product
-Small market – hard to change the concept of the toilet
Gym for disabled individuals

-Fills market niche for disabled individuals to exercise
-Positive influence for society to become more adaptive
-Potential for negative connotation associated with the gym due to segregation
-Limited clientele
-Misuse of the word “disabled”
-Hiring of adapted employees is costly
-Difficult access to market – lots of competition (already existing facilities)
Non-stick gum

-Eliminates the unsanitary disposal of gum on/under surfaces
-Will avoid digestion problems when swallowed
-When littered, easy to sweep up—environmentally friendly
-Can create health concerns due to having to alter the formula
-May result in changes in texture and or taste, reducing the likelihood of public endorsement

2. Short statement of the goals and purpose for the idea your team has selected:

The goal of the massage service is to provide a temporary stress alleviator for students facing pressure in a post-secondary environment. The service will aim to provide a fast turnover of students, by offering shorter massages at affordable prices. Students are granted the opportunity to relax, revitalize, and refocus during the allocated time.

3. Details about the product and/or service your team will be delivering. Please provide enough information to make the business idea your team has selected as clear as possible.

This massage service focuses on relaxing university students that are under pressure from school. The way the service works is to have a rapid turnover of clients, meaning students are constantly walking in and out. The service demands a small fee (e.g. $5) for a short massage (10-15 minutes only) to avoid lineups. There will be many private rooms, so that each student is dealt with individually. The way it will work, there will be a large number of employees (8-10) providing massages (according to student preferences) as well as other relaxation techniques (i.e. Back rubs, scratches, head massages, hand/feet massages, etc.) for that limited amount of time as a mean to alleviate stress. The masseuses will be newly qualified, providing recent graduates employment opportunities. To save costs and look out for the social well-being of others, the service will recruit college students from around the GTA to come in and train in a real-life situation under professional supervision (on a voluntarily basis). This will offer hands-on experience and save company costs. The facility will be located in a medium-high traffic area where a lot of students will see the service. This could be York Lanes or along Campus Walk. This way, the service is right in the middle of the campus, visible and accessible to all students.

4. Strategic analysis: (i.e. SWOT)

Due to the high amounts of stress created from the school environment a high demand for our service is expected.
Massage therapy has been proven to have benefits for the body such as: improving immune system, reducing depression and anxiety, increasing