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Sport Career Profile

Job Description:

Nike- Marketing Runners
Location: Berlin Germany

To support our marketing / Running department we are looking for someone that wants to have the opportunity to learn about our exciting and varied work.

Planning, execution and evaluation of Events
Support in community management Running (Digital Platforms / Real live) project work
Product support Training Area
Administrative activities

Your Profile:
Study (university/college) sports or business administration, at least 3 semesters
Running affinity and knowledge of running products
Good knowledge of biomechanics
Very good German and English skills
Sound knowledge of MS Office and graphics programs
Reliable and able to work independently If you are a sports fan and new responsibilities to be open are proactive and resilient and have strong organizational skills, then you are what we are looking for!

After I graduate I hope to work at the professional level when it comes to event management/promotion for sports. Looking through Nike’s various job titles, marketing runners caught my eye. Growing up, I was a daddy’s girl and followed his footsteps in becoming a runner. I have been running since I was 9 years old and have always enjoyed it. Looking at what the job description is, I believe I would do great at what they want in an employee.
Majoring in exercise sports and science fulfills my requirement for study at a university/college for sport for at least three semesters. Nike also requires good knowledge in biomechanics. Since I am an ESS major, I was required to take a biomechanics class, which would fulfill the job requirement of my knowledge in biomechanics. I also meet the requirement for the language skills. Living in Germany for years has taught me the language fluently. I can read, write, and speak German. The last two requirements are: sound knowledge of MS Office and graphics programs and reliability and ability to work independently. As I have worked with MS Office most of my life, I believe I can use these programs to their fullest potential. Along