Catholic Social Teachings Essay

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The Catholic Social teachings call people of faith to give options to the poor. The idea of treating the less fortunate is a moral test for Catholics. A catholic priest once said, “feed the people dying of hunger because if you do not you are killing them.” This means that if you are not helping the poor than it is the same thing as killing them yourself. By giving the poor aid you are helping them develop themselves. Helping the poor is a positive obligation instead of a nice thing to do but optional. By helping the less fortunate you are directly serving God. The poor in our community are a big part of our calls as Catholics.
Hopefully a goal for the whole world, and not just for the Catholic Church, is peace and disarment. To strive for peace and disbarment throughout is another moral obligation. This is what calls for justice in our communities. It is not just the avoidance of conflict. Wars have not been encouraged by the church for about 60 years. The church teaches that peace results from the thirst for justice. Disarment is an important part of peacemaking, without it peace cannot be achieved. It diminishes war and human suffering. Disarment also minimizes the demands for war supplies that can then instead be given to the poor.
As the world has grown so has the Catholic Church. Many new different types of governments have sprouted up. This demands the church to take a stand on what they believe is right and wrong. The political participation of the Catholic Church is necessary seeing as the government makes the choices of the overall people. The church prefers the democratic government as the way to govern the people. All people have a right to participate in their government and a democracy allows this. History shows that we are govern best when everyone participates. If a nation does not govern by a democracy they are not shunned by the church but they are encouraged to convert. The government is one of the main influences on our day to day life. It says that the state is incapable of solving all of our problems. But it also plays an important role in guiding the care for the poor and the overall good for the people. This is what protects human’s rights. It secures basic justices for all members of the common wealth. Without the government our societies wouldn’t be able to work cohesively. We as the people need the government to help lead us to do the right thing. Also as the people we have to make good choices when we are electing officials. The officials we elect should stand for the same things as the church this allows us to have the confidence to know that our community is doing the right thing. Justice in the courts is just important as social justice among all of us. We cannot ignore all of the poor people out on the streets. Especially since the poverty level is on the rise. Giving from our resources to help them meet their basic needs is another one of our obligations. Justice can help lift the poor up out of poverty. This is why justice is so important. The Catholic Social Teachings call us to work for the dignity of others as well as making sure their basic needs are met. Along with that we have to social justice for all people. God made us in his own image which means that we need to respect the stewardship of creation. The Earth and its resources are finite. Finite means there are boundaries and limits and one day they will run out. Catholics have a moral obligation to take care of the Earth and the resources found there. Respect for God balances the justices everything deserves. The things that are found in fair share should be available to all people. The church stands behind the idea that property rights and free trade mush be subordinated to the normality and should be a common occurrence. Our individual rights cannot come in conflict with the common good of all people. Our Property should never be greater than the availability of food, water, shelter, clean air, and jobs. The