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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome As the numbers of computers used in the home and the workplace has escalated in recent years, the number of cases of carpal tunnel syndrome has also risen dramatically. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand disorder that is often associated with computer use. The term for this condition comes from the name for a canal (the carpal tunnel) located in the wrist. Several tendons pass through this tunnel, allowing the hand to open and close. Carpal tunnel syndrome results from repetitive motion, such as keyboarding, for hours at a time. This motion may cause swelling to develop around the tendons and carpal tunnel. The swelling compresses the nerve. The people most likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome are workers whose job require them to perform repetitive hand and finger motions.
The symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome include the following: * Tingling or burning in the hands or fingers * Weakness or numbness in the hands or fingers * Hands that goes to sleep frequently * Difficulty opening or closing the hands * Pain that stems from the wrist and travels up the arms
Tips for Prevention
If you use a keyboard for extended periods, you should practice proper techniques to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. * While seated, hold your arms relaxed at your sides, and check to make sure that your keyboard is positioned slightly higher than your elbows. As you input, keep your elbows at your sides, and relax your shoulders. * Use only your fingers to press keys , and do not use more pressure than necessary. Use a wrist rest, and keep your wrists relaxed and straight.