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Assignment # 2

Stress is a common condition of 21st century lifestyles.
Discuss the causes and effects of this.

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Along with the vast societal advancement, some issues are gaining popularity among the populace, one of which is that a large number of people are more likely to live in a very busy life. The stress approaches the human beings new familiar condition of life styles. For this reason, the people are inclined to be suffered from a stress, so it is more likely to be serious problem in the modern society. The stress, which can weaken human’ immune system have a tendency to cause many diseases (Zeitlin ,1995 ). Thereby, it may lead to some change, so sizeable percentage of people have more concern the stress than the past. This essay will evaluate that the basic causes such as irregular working hours, adjust to capitalistic society and also will explore its main effects such as induce illness, and change people's life pattern irregularly.

To begin with, the society has an inclination to become much busier sine industrial revolution, so many people have the likelihood of working many hours irregularly every day. Therefore, people often pressed for their time; receive overwhelming stress in habitation, and especially working place. In other words, people tend not to have leisure time and they are less likely to feel comfortable. These circumstances, might lead to people to have enormous stress, and people who are under strain exacerbates have explosively increased in the global world.

The twenty-first century of modern people are now to welcome the constant changes in society and live in more stressful environment than the past. Moreover, a considerable of counties have a tendency to adopt a capitalistic economy so, people are more likely to live in a capitalism society. That is to say, capitalism society is closely connected with competitive society. For instance, Students stay up late with coursework in order to stay abreast of the competitive society, which leaves them with only a few hours each night for sleep, besides after these students attain adulthood, they also have competitive with finding employment (Schraml, K 2011). As a result, in spite of the fact that they often live in convenient world by using the modern technology, enormous stress might continually increase and threaten the human beings in fast changing time , and it cannot prevented

These two event planted the causes of increasing people under a lot of stress in the modern society , and the effect of this change are being felt at all levels: induce illness, change people's life pattern irregularly. (please paraphrase this sentence.)

On the biggest effect relates to overwhelming stress are that it can affect people's induce illness .That is to say, people under a excessive stress, may experience headaches, minor pains and sleeping difficulties (Dixon, J,1989). Too much Chronic psychological stress slows your immune and you may become sick. As a result reduced the likelihood of illness such as coronary artery disease, digestive disorder, diabetes, and especially depression disease are settled. It follows that cancer are more likely to result. As a result, a large number of people have an inclination of suffering overwhelming stress, so stress receive attention from