Essay about Cell Phone Usage

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In the article that I read located in Advances in Transportation Studies, the authors point out that use of mobile phones while driving is becoming increasingly popular while maintaining the same degree of danger. Approximately 91% of US inhabitants own cell phones, and of this 91% approximately 85% of cell phone users admit to using their cellular devices at least occasionally while driving. And in excess of 27% of cellular users report using their devices on more than half of their trips! This is quite surprising seeing as legislation is being passed now regularly outlawing the use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle. Also, there are advances in hands-free technology that make it possible to talk and text on your phone without your eyes ever leaving the road. This study went on to do a test to see just how much use of hand-held devices, hands-free devices, and hands-free voice devices affect drivers reaction times through the use of their simulator. First, the group recorded and analyzed their control scenario to have a basis for comparison with the three devices. After all four scenarios had been conducted; the data was collected and evaluated. It was determined that reaction time generally increased from the control scenario if they were involved in a call. The results for urban road driving did vary though, in some cases reaction times even decreased slightly, much to my surprise. In all, the purpose of the study was to determine just how much cellular