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Cell Phones: Technological Marvel, Or Futuristic Disaster

Technologies arise every generation that have the ability to influence society. Our generation has seen the emergence of cellular devices, such as cell phones. These devices have the ability to share vast amounts of information in an instant. This new technology has the capability to change many aspects of life, including relationships, and education. Proponents of cell phones believe that the devices are beneficial to society because they increase communication and activism; conversely, opponents of cell phones believe that this technology reduces social skills, are carcinogenic, and the mineral in most cell phones, coltan, is causing wars abroad. The phenomenon of cell phones, particularly social networks on apps within cellular devices, has taken the modern world by storm. Nowhere else in history have the people of the world become as accessible as they are now. Considering the vast amount of people on these sites it’s no wonder that we are becoming more reliant on the Internet. Facebook leads the way in terms of users with a staggering one billion accounts(thats one in seven people on the globe with a facebook account),Twitter has a respectable 500 million, and numerous other sites with hundreds of millions of accounts(“Cell Phones and Cancer Risk”). With that amount of people, nearly everyone in the modern world has some sort of account in social networks. Now, it is possible to keep in contact