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What Do The Studied Texts Say About Change?

The film “Pleasantville” and the text “Sky High” shows us change in many different ways; Emotion, looks, relationships, and lifestyles. 3 characters that show change in all different ways are David (Bud) the son, Betty the mother, and Jennifer (Mary-Sue) the daughter and David’s sister.

David (Bud) starts off in the “Real World” as David from a place where there is barely and conformity, the kid that has one friend, nerdy and geekish, likes a girl who would be seen talking to him. Made out to be very lonely with no accomplishments but a goody good boy. When he is taken into Pleasantville, now as Bud, he isn’t used to complete conformity. He is trying to change the people around him, teaching them the ways of his old home, not have to do it the same every time, to not follow conformity.
Being in the basketball team, having all these friends and girls coming up to him, is very different to what David is used to and he starts adapting to this. Slowly changing, but when he sees his mother Betty being harassed, this is a big moment of change in his life, always being the little guy to scared to stand up for himself, finally finds the balls to do so and stands up to Whitey, and hits him.

Betty is the mother in Pleasantville, at first is a big conformist, always up first to make a buffet breakfast for her husband and kids, stays home during the day to clean, and has dinner ready by the time her husband is home, same thing over and over everyday. After having a brief conversation with the new Mary-Sue (Jennifer) she finds out information that she never new about “pleasure and relationships”. When Betty takes a bath and “pleasures” herself as Jennifer said, she becomes a lot more broad-minded on things. After Bill, David’s boss, comes to see how David was doing, Betty and Bill meet and its instant love. Feelings for another man other then your husband was unnatural and could be look upon as somewhat criminal. This being the case with Betty it shows change in relationships and Emotions.

Jennifer (Mary-Sue) starts in the opening scenes of the film. Outside the school gates, with her group of friends all dressed the same showing conformity. Conformity likes this represents symbolism of some kind of club. With low cut tops, short shorts, smoking, not in the school grounds shows delinquency. When Jennifer meets the boys dialogue emphasizes this with short answers and the non-intelligence with incomplete sentences. Once taken to “Pleasantville” Jennifer becomes a huge influence on her fellow peers. Showing them new age things eg; how to flirt, chewing gum, sex etc. After winning over Skip Martin she had her peer in her palm. After being sick of the same thing, Jennifer decided to try something new and pick up books. This is the beginning of Jennifer’s road of change. Finding and