Chapter Summary: The Power Of Habits

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Habits vary and develop all throughout individuals lives whether they cause negativity or positivity. It can either help one succeed in life, such as having good study habits to prepare for ones academic career, or be detrimental, such as smoking which can cause lung cancer and other health hazards. Habits can easily manipulate ones life without one realizing. This choice will ultimately determine how their lives will progress and how it will affect the rest of it forever.
One way individual habits can impact peoples lives would be change. The ability of change forming and becoming apart of ones’ life allows for habits to initiate .For instance in ‘The Power of Habits’ chapter one (pg. 35) discusses how before toothpaste was invented and established
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Smoking is a primary example of how negative a habit can become towards people. Smoking is a danger habit that a lot of Americans have formed and causes multiple health risks including death. The crave for nicotine grows and grows causing worse outcomes for people. The need and habit of having to smoke everyday becomes worse the more one smokes and eventually having to deal with serious consequences. Another way habits negatively affect people is through emotions. In ‘The Power of Habits’ ,Chapter one (pg. 24), A man named Eugene and his wife are discussed. The book talks about how Eugene would become very angry and would even “ bang on the table and curse” when his daughter would come to visit and not do their daily sessions of talking. He did not know why he was mad ;however, since that was a habit they have formed before his illness he would unintentionally become grumpy. Soon after becoming grumpy, he would forget and continue to watch TV. Habits permit involuntary negative emotions when a habit is unfulfilled or the habit itself is pessimistic causing peoples lives to be controlled by a habit that may not be as