Child Abuse Case Study

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Reporter stated the following: The child was abused in MS. The abuse happened on Saturday July 30th. They were primilary staying in MS before the abuse occurred. The alleged perpetrator (William) where about are unknown. William Robert Brown sexually alleged Taylor but there is no specific date. It happened on multiple occassions. The mom did not give details. She said she became aware on Saturday (July 30th). She was talking to Taylor because he has an upcoming doctpr appointment because he has behaviorial issues. He also has issues with going to the bathroom on himself but it is unknown how long this has been going on. After she finished talking to him about the doctor appointments he disclosed something about William taking him to McDonalds. …show more content…
Arala then asked her husband (Bob) about the abuse. He (Bob) became very upset. He started yelling at specifically Taylor. He told Taylor to tell everyone that he was lying and he told Taylor this several times. Arala then tried to calm Bob down. Bob told all the children to go in the back room. He pushed Arala’s hand down to her side. He forced her to open her mouth. He pulled out a gun and put the gun down her mouth. He told her he will paint with her brain and make it look like the baby did it. Arala did not say if the kids were around. Police was not called at that time. He then made everyone get into the car and was yelling at Arala. One of the kids was sitting in the front seat trying to calm him down but he yelled at the child (unknown). He told the child I was not talking to you and knocked him away. He was yelling at Arala and telling her he would shot her. He then said maybe I should not waste a bullet and hang you. They can stay at the shelther at 45 days. She has not plans yet. She is focused on her kids’s safety. She did not say if she had involvement with DHS. She did not know if Bob had involvement with DHS. She said she called the police on Bob before but he has connections with the people in MS. I have to submit a written. I will indicate the rest in the written report. They came to Louisana on Sunday. Her fear is that when her sister helped her Bob texted her I know where your