Choosing a Tie Essay

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How to Choose a Tie

I. The correct way for a guy to get noticed and taken seriously is to be able to dress for success A. Some people assume they know about fashion when they're really pleading for help B. I'm here to show you a simple way to tie a tie that will stick with you forever. C. There are three key points when wearing a tie; 1. Choosing the correct tie as far as width and length 2. Choosing the correct knot in which you will tie 3. Choosing the correct color for the occasion
II. Choosing the correct tie If you choose the wrong tie you're going to embarrass yourself and people wont take you as the important standing figure that you may possibly be. If you show up to a cocktail party wearing a short 4” tie people are going to know you weren't sure what to wear The point of tie size also matters on which knot you should use to tie your tie
III. Choosing the correct knot With the numerous amounts of knots to choose from you may think you can't go wrong; well you can Certain knots go for certain occasions, the four in hand with formal/casual events and the half windsor for business like work and meetings Which knot you choose is also indirectly with what color you have picked
IV. Choosing the correct color A very important factor depending on your success in fashion is choosing the color tie to wear Color goes without say when it has to match the rest of your outfit as far as suits and dress shirt