Chris Mccandless Journey

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Before embarking on a major journey such as, living in the Alaskan Taiga, proper preparation is needed. Chris McCandless went completely unprepared into the wild. Throughout life, there is a constant need to make decisions. Some decisions are handled very well, and others can result with major consequences. Throughout Chris's journey, he makes some poor choices, like refusing to wear socks while at work. Chris’s main mistake that led him to failure was that he didn't properly prepare. Chris was blinded in the wild worse than a deer in the headlights.
When Chris met Jim Gallien at the beginning of his journey, he was traveling extremely light. This made him question McCandless’s sanity and wanted to learn more about him. He offered McCandless a ride to the entrance of the Alaskan frontier. Chris introduced himself as “Just Alex.” Alex told Gallien all about his plans of living in the wild, showing him a map of the Stampede Trail. Gallien just assumed that he would come walking out after a few days in the wilderness. Alex recieved boots and two sandwiches from Gallien to assist him in the wild. Upon leaving the truck, McCandless left all sorts of small items he had on
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He should this through his actions quite frequently. He burnt money because he felt no need for it. It is against the law to burn money but he didn't care. Getting fired from a job for not wearing socks is ridiculous. All McCandless had to do was put a pair of socks on and he would've been able to keep the job at McDonalds. Little mistakes like these led him down the wrong path and he just continued his downward spiral all the way until death. McCandless only cared about himself. This is shown through his letter to Wayne stating that it was the last that wayne would hear of him and to return all of his mail back to the sender. This action gave the reader the illusion that Chris knew he would die in the wild and didn't plan on ever returning to