Into The Wild: Chris Mccandless Journey

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Into the wild essay Isn't it crazy how one does so much with their lives and in the end drop everything and start a journey that don't get finished. Well that was the story behind Chris McCandless. Chris decided to drop his very successful college like and family to travel west. Some may believe that McCandless went into the wild to escape a toxic relationship with his parents, but my belief is he wanted to find himself as a person. You don't really hear about people dropping everything in their life and decide that they want to explore the wonderful wonders of the country. Many people decide to make certain changes like change the way their lifestyle is, different haircut, getting new things, and etc. Not in Chriś case. He felt like his childhood was pure fiction because his parents weren't married when he was born, as stated in an article called Into The Wild - Simone. Chris AKA alex set out to many different places in the U.S. From Alaska to the border of Mexico to Arizona. Many may also believe that he set out …show more content…
He could have handled all the situations in a different matter.But we ourselves didn't experience what Chris McCandless did in his life he has reasons for what he wanted to do. Im some what in the middle because he does have a reason to leave but I mean he shouldn't have left into the wild because he had so many things coming his way like college scholarships and many other things. When Chris McCandless went into the wild he didn’t have anything with him the only things that he had was a backpack, shoes, clothes, and his camera that he used to take pictures with he traveled for many hours and days he crossed bare common snow puddles at night under cloudy skies with not having any thoughts he had never gave up because he liked what he was doing he stayed out in the cold and didn't really eat anything he had to find stuff to eat because he didn't have anything really with