Christopher Columbus Exploration Of America Essay

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When analyzing Christopher Columbus and his exploration of the Americas this can be looked at like the reunification of Pangea. The reason why one might say this statement is because there are spices, clothes, different weaponry and tools from all different continents as if they were all together as they once were.
To begin with many believe Columbus was a terrible person and that his explorations did nothing to contribute to the future. But there are some people who believe Columbus’ explorations changed everything. Natives would walk a lot. When they would hunt they would be forced to walk and that could take hours and it would be very tiring. Animals like the horse haven’t been seen In the Americas since the ice age. Columbus brought horses from Europe and they reproduced ad that transformed the lives of the natives. The horses that Columbus brought from Europe reproduce and began to mutate into a new breed called the “Mustang” horse. This horse impacted the North American natives greatly because they were quicker and they were wild and strong. Today many Mustang horses are used
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Tomatoes, Potatoes, and Corn previously unknown in Europe became a huge part of the life of people living there. At the same time, Cattle, Sheep, and Hogs were introduced into the Americas. Sadly disease was also brought and had a terrible effect on both societies. Entire groups of people were wiped out in the Americas by smallpox, measles, and other diseases. While in Europe an outbreak of Syphilis, previously unknown there, took a terrible body count. These are just some of the reasons why I think Columbus did good and bad things during the Columbian Exchange. He helped by bringing cattle and the Americas helped Europe by giving them foods that were only available to the Americas and not yet discovered in