College Admissions Essay

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“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back,” is a quote given by Malala Yousafzai in her United Nations speech about universal education. As an American, I have always had the best education I could get, while other young girls around the world are dreaming about the privileges I have had throughout my lifetime. Here I am starting my third year of college and some never even make it to grade school. With my education, I have had the opportunity to learn, in a deeper sense that before, that not all women and children have been fortunate enough to receive the education that many people in our country take for granted. With a knowledge in Women’s Studies, I am hoping that I will one day be able to educate others in the opportunities …show more content…
It was not until recently that I have taken an interest in women’s studies and have decided that I wanted to know more about what it has taken by the ones before me to get women to where we are today. I grew up in a rather conservative town and if you were basically anything other than a white, heterosexual Christian, you would not be as accepted in the community as the ones that were. In high school, I found myself and realized that I was a lesbian. When this news came out to my community, I immediately noticed a difference. My youth minister, that I was once very close to, no longer spoke to me. One of my high school teachers that always waved or said hello in the halls wouldn’t even look in my direction. As little and as hurtful as these circumstances were, I did not let them stop me. I was going to show everyone that I could still be myself and be the best I could be. So after my first two years in college, I realized I was not happy at my university and transferred. I knew I could openly be myself and get an education that really meant something to me. This was when I learned there was a Women’s Studies program and I had the opportunity to learn about the struggles I faced and the struggles women around the world faced