Essay on College: High School

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Anthony Dean
Mrs. McCorkle
English 3
12 March 2015
Characteristics of People

In certain stages in life, people have to set goals and plan for their future. In preparation for college, students have to decide whether they will succeed in college and life, or falter. There is no point in wasting time planning a future that is not desired in their heart. It depends on the category that they are perceived, such as the people who overachieve in everything they do, people that change their game plan for life and college, and students who are undeclared, who doesn’t yet know their destiny.
Most people that are over achievers
, have been planning out their lives since birth. These are the people that know what they have to do to achieve success and their goals in life. They are well organized, and are very decisive about what they want to do.
These would usually be the people that had a higher education; they are put in private schools since birth. Basically their whole life is planned out since the day they start preschool. An example of this sort of person, would be someone such as Obama. He had to basically start developing his plans for going into the government at a very young age . Another example, would be doctors, because they have to start to develop their

skills and take classes starting in high school in order to prepare for med school. But, they are also seen as very uptight, and only see things their way.
A person that has some traits from the well accomplished people, but is more flexible are known as the game changers
. These people know what they want to accomplish in life, but feel that they f eel that they could manipulate things in their life, if it doesn’t suit them. They have many interests in life and have a broad spectrum of things that they want to do and accomplish. An example, of this kind of person, would be a freshman in high school
. At first, they feel that they don’t really have anything figured out yet, until they get into the upper classes. This is when they start to realize their game plan for high school, and college. They start to figure out what they want to do in life after high school, and start to prepare for this moment in their lives. High school is a process of extreme growth, that will change the dynamics of a person. Also, the rapper Drake represents this, because he started his career as an actor. He always was a rapper as a young boy, so he felt that it was his destiny to become a rapper. His ambition was to become a superstar instead of an actor in hollywood. He is a prime example of a game changer, because he knew deep inside himself that he wanted to pursue a musical career, so he went after it instead of being an actor.
To be Undeclared
, a person has to have no further