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Alli Benner
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Persuasive essay
January 20, 2015
College is worth it Do you ever stress about going to college? Worry About the cost? Scared if you’re going into the wrong field of study? College is very important to go to now a days because a lot more jobs are requiring a college education. College is worth the time and money to go through. I believe everyone should go to college and get a degree. In this essay I will be explaining why it’s important to go to college and why it’s worth having a degree. First, college graduates have more and better employment opportunities. Studies have shown that “58% of college graduates reported being ‘very satisfied’ with their jobs compared to 40% of high school graduates.” Also based on our economy and job projections, George Town University calculated that in 2018 about 63% of jobs will require some college education. As well as, Unemployment rate is also lower for those with a 4 year college degree, it’s at 4.6% compared to just a high school degree is 9.7% unemployment. It’s better to have some college education rather than none to find a decent job to live on. Secondly, you’ll make more money if you go to college. And the more years you go to college the more money you’ll make. In a year someone with a “4 year college degree can make $55,700 and a high school diploma makes about $33,800 a year.” And even just having an AA degree you can earn $250,000 more than someone with just a high school education in a life time. That’s with the lowest education you can do for college. So even if you go to college for two years you will be more successful than if you didn’t go at all. Although the student loans may take you many years to pay offc 2, in 2011 60% of college graduates had a student loan debt balance 50% of their annual income. But, you can help prevent that by applying for as many scholarships as you can. Many students don’t realize that so many scholarships go unpaid every year because no one applies for them. You also can apply for financial aid. Even though college is expensive and may take you a while to pay off, if