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Name of Advertisement:
The name of the advertisement is Claser (By Hex Technologies).
Target Audience:
The target audience for this advertisement is teachers, students (in high school and university), lecturers and tourists.
What is this advertisement trying to persuade readers to feel, think or do?
This advertisement is trying to persuade the viewers that life is so much easier and less stressful if they buy the Claser, this advertisement is also trying to persuade the viewers to go out and buy the Claser.
What techniques are used to influence readers?
The techniques used throughout the advertisement to influence viewers are:
Description – We have clearly described the Claser by including testimonials from people who have already used the product and are sharing their experiences. Testimonials certainly make the readers have a good impression about the product being reliable.
Humour – We have included humour in the advertisement in the comic strip. The comic strip is set in China outside a public toilet area and there is an Australian tourist involved. The Australian tourist can’t read Chinese and accidentally enters the Girls toilet. His Claser was able to translate Chinese to English and he then entered the right toilet.
Catchy Slogan – We have included a catchy slogan. The slogan is “Smarter Tech, Smarter People, Smarter World”. This is very catchy and will stay in people’s heads as the first word of every phrase is Smarter, this related to the topic because we are advertising a product that is very technologically advanced.
Font – The font of the slogan and name of the product is big and bold. It stands out and is very clear to read. It is almost demanding people to look at the advertisement, it catches people’s attention.
Drawings/Diagrams – We have included a comic in our advertisement, we included this comic to show people (mainly tourists) that our product is not only used in classrooms and lecture theatres to copy or record information but can also be used in another country to translate things into the known language.
Colour – Our advertisement is quite colourless, the only bit og colour that we have included was right in the middle of the advertisement, this was like a title…