Communication and Technology Essay

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Communication and Technology
Rachel Payne
Kathy Werking
April 20, 2013

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Technology is the application of tools and methods; study, development, and application of devices, machines and techniques for manufacturing and productive processes (Forword Thinking). Fifty years ago, the tools we rely upon today were only science fiction. Today we surf the Web, play games, run applications, and own smart phones to make calls or text on. We have more devices available than science fiction authors ever speculated about. Having all of this behind us, it is the future of communication technology we wonder and experiment with.
When technology combines with communication devices, we find more interesting and effective ways to communicate with one another.The cell phone and the computer are our current popular methods of communicating through technology, but people can't generally emotionally connect with what they can't see in conversations. Face to face communication allows us to feel more of an emotional, needed connection with others. Just imagine how much better communications could be if we could see the people we are talking to through technical devices.
Technology growth and change is a gradual process. It is likely that the basic cell phones will fade away and smart phones will become more common as they become less expensive. The Internet will continue to play an ever increasing role in communications. With the growth of the Web, peoplecan now communicate with the whole world. In the past only so many people could be addressed at one time; and this was onlt available to celeberties and politicians. The Web will change and improve on a large scale as a communication tool. It will enable anyone with aspirations to find an audience easier than ever before. This is all in process now, so thinking about the distant future is an interesting, idea provoking, and an imaginative process for the layman and developers.
Possible grand scale change