Communication: Interpersonal Relationships Essay

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Our life is full of moments of impact and different experiences that make us who we are. The interpersonal relationships that we have across our life span have a meaning and purpose. As humans, we question the reason why things happen in life. Sometimes we are clueless about why we meet certain people. These people become part of our lives, to the point that they can become family members without having the same DNA. Building relationships is what keeps humans strong. This provides a support system and encourages creating groups and large communities. Friendship and Romance are the main interpersonal relationships that we encounter in life. Our friends are placed in our lives with the purpose of helping and being a support system for us. Romantic relationships will determine the commitment that we have for the future to spend our life with a person. Since the day that we are born, we experience interpersonal relationships. The first relationship that we encounter in life is Family. Our parents, cousins, siblings and other family relatives make part of our lives since the first day we open our eyes. The idea of building relationships through our life span helps us find the true definition of who we are. Relationships deserve to be valued and respected. Throughout the years we come to realize how we developed feelings, attachment and admiration for the people around us. Chapter 11 gives a clear overview of how relationships begin and the process of how they