Communication Is Fulfilling Essay

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“Communication Is Fulfilling” Betsy Sanders COM200: Interpersonal Communication Linda Atkinson 10/25/2011

“Communication Is Fulfilling” I truly agree that good communication is very fulfilling and it is the key to a solid relationship. If people do not have thorough communication they truly have unsuccessful relationships. There are different types of communication; there are texting, emailing, phone conversations, and communicating face to face, the list goes on. After reading the article, “Shared Talking Styles Herald News and Lasting Romance”, I agree that yes you can get to know someone to a degree by texting but, I truly would not call that good communication. Due to the fact that anyone can type anything the wish to, the fact is communicating by texting can be very misleading. Considering that during communication, we evaluate body language, eye contact, and tone of voice. To me that is vital for true communication with any relationship, between a couple and friends. My husband and I have sincere communication skills; we were best friends for years before we were married, which I believe that is the key for having a respectful and understanding solid marriage. I can remember the day we got married, my Husband said, we are now joined together as husband and wife at that point I interrupted him and said yes now we are one! Funny thing was that’s exactly what he was going to say! I still get chills today, when we talk about that day, now that’s called good communication when you know internally just what your partner is thinking and is going to say. One good lesson we learned early in our relationship was that, during communicating it is okay to agree to disagree, actually by doing that it displays total respect and understand for your partner’s personal beliefs and values. I honestly believe that there is just no way can you achieve having a sincere successful relationship through texting. Honestly you cannot “Communication Is Fulfilling” accomplish thorough conversation without the opportunity of analyzing body language, eye contact, and their tone of voice. After engaging in the reading and testing in, language style matching, I did not agree with my test results at all. I was basically shocked that my score was only .61; I was tested on emails between myself and my sweetest friend that I have known personally for years. Basically that score means that, we are not in good synch with each other, and our overall quality of accomplishing an honest and long lasting relationship is not up to a high level of a sincere respectful relationship as I honestly believed we had. Our emails were discussing each other operations that, we are going to be having, and if / how we can help each other. We were trying to kid each other that, it was no big deal