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Lawyers: Someone to Lean On
Are you interested in being the deciding factor when it comes to someone’s freedom? Though, the journey to becoming a lawyer is a long and strenuous journey, it is ultimately fulfilling. There are benefits throughout the journey. Although a phenomenal amount of effort must be put forth, it is ultimately worth it because lawyers have the opportunity to change lives for the better and it makes all the hard work worth it for these dedicated individuals. Due to the tremendous responsibility of “changing lives for the better,” the steps one must take to become a lawyer requires a tremendous amount of effort resulting in a thought-provoking job that demands a diverse skill set and results in an economically and morally fulfilling occupation.
Becoming a lawyer is a long process that takes a phenomenal amount of work that needs to be done. Gaining an understanding of the complex nature of a number of laws is a tremendous amount of work in itself, but being able to apply these laws to on-the-job experiences is the tough part. Also, each case poses its own unique challenges. One must be mentally locked in, but must also find a way to not let emotions get in the way. Being able to mask human emotions is not something easily done but can be attainable by time. At first, being able to have no emotional connection with both the case and its client is a challenge. After numerous cases, being able to mask emotion is an attainable skill.
Another hardship that is faced when trying to become a lawyer is being able to pay for education. ASU School of Criminology currently has one of the best Criminology programs in the nation (Criminology Best Programs). The average cost for tuition at ASU School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is at least $10,002 a year (Tuition and Fees). For most students, this is something that is difficult to overcome. With the help of financial aid, being able to receive a virtuous education is attainable. About seventy-six percent of all students receive some type of financial year every year. There is a wide variety of financial aid options. These options include grants, private as well as university scholarships, and there are even special types of scholarships offered by certain schools. ASU School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers scholarships to students that are actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree in both Criminology and Criminal Justice. After the requirements are met, it is possible to apply for financial aid of this type. Typically, there college is attended for four years in order to gain a Bachelors degree. An additional three years is required at a law school.
Being a lawyer is a pain-staking process in which a diverse set of skills is sought upon by employers. A few skills that are a must-have are the following: phenomenal communication skills, an immense amount of self-motivation, the Substantive Law and Legal Procedures must be known. Being self-motivated is a vital skill when it comes to running a successful Law firm. When running a law firm, a huge responsibility is knowing the amount of hours that are workable, and the amount of work that gets done per day. Being self-motivated is very vital and without self-motivation nothing will get done. If nothing gets done, then it is near impossible to become successful; any well sought out lawyer is one that works to its potential. Being able to work to one’s full potential cannot be possible if someone isn’t fully invested into their work. Commitment is not only a vital skill in the workplace, but also in life. Another important quality to possess is to be committed to this job. Lack of commitment is the number reason for failure in this profession. Being a lawyer means being ready to at all times (How to Become a Lawyer). The judicial system changes court dates at any opportune time. Without commitment, its tough to be prepared for these inconvenient changes. This leads to another vital skill, having a phenomenal