Communication: Mobile Phone and Texting Essay

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Talking Vs. Texting
Communication is an important aspect in today’s world. Over the years technology has improved the way people converse. Growing up around highly developed technology makes it only natural for people to use all the benefits technology has given us. We assume the older adults and elderly are “out the loop” but they are actually on the texting bandwagon. In today’s society, there are some young adults and elderly people who use texting just like the new generation. The Pew Research statistics shows that out of the 83 percent of older adults who own cell phones, 73 percent send and receive text messages. According to CNET, statistics show that one third of teens in the United States, text more than 100 times a day. Texting makes it easier for someone to think before they reply, holding a phone doesn’t have to be such a burden anymore, and if there is no entertainment that’s engaging you in the conversation it’s easier to just not reply. When it comes to communication, texting is a better method compared to an actual conversation.
For instance, when you are texting someone it’s easier to think before replying. On the phone it is hard to think of a response that will help the person you’re talking to. You say anything relating to the topic that just comes to your mind right away without really thinking it through. On the other hand texting helps because your mind has time to ponder what should be said next. Texting just makes it easier because you can reply to the person when you think your answer is good enough. Where as if they called you with a question and you don’t have a reasonable answer you can’t just get quiet on the phone for some minutes because that’s crazy. One of the perks of texting is that it prevents the conversation from being awkward from not knowing what to say. When on the phone everything seems so timed during a conversation, you expect quick responses from the person you’re talking to, and vice versa. “Uh” and “I don’t know” just won’t cut it. Texting helps conversations lacks silence and dry responses. You wouldn’t want to get bored on the phone while waiting for an answer or begging for the person on the other line to give you helpful advice. Texting just makes it easier when replying to someone.
Also, one does not have to hold a phone to their face for several minutes. Holding the phone can produce lack of discomfort and neck cramps. It is honestly a burden to keep that phone glued to the face. After being on the phone for several minutes the phone becomes hot and keeping that hot surface is really not comfortable and also the radiation coming from the cell phone can possibly lead to cancer. The ability to keep your phone in your purse, pocket, etc. and still communicate without having to keep it on your face is better. According to Dr. Keith Black of World Health Organization says, “Putting the cell phone close to your head is like a microwave cooking your brain.” Holding your phone is better when you’re doing multiple things. Texting is the best way to communicate when you’re busy and can’t use your hands to talk on the phone and finish your task. For instance when going to a place that talking on the phone isn’t allowed such as schools, movie theaters, meetings, and etc. it’s easier to just send a text. Texting is the choice because it doesn’t require sound. Another example is you may have a significant other; communication can still be in use through texting when having to tend to other business. Texting can probably help a relationship because it shows talking on the phone isn’t the only helpful and useful communication.
Furthermore when the conversation goes downhill, one does not have to come up with an excuse to dismiss the call, they can simply not text back. It wouldn’t seem rude because if you feel like there is no effort to keep the conversation going it is not wrong to read the message and not reply. Nevertheless while on the phone the person you’re talking to will hear