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In two hundred words or less tell us what do you hope to gain from participating in Community Scholars?

By participating in the Community Scholar program, I want to gain the satisfaction out of knowing that I am able to help out a student. I want to gain the trust and acceptance of the student, so I can push him or her forward to success. The experience that I would gain by being in the Community Scholars program will be fulfilling knowing that I have contributed to a student’s growth and development as a result of my input.

I decided to apply because being part of the Community Scholars program will allow me to facilitate a student’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge I’ve learned throughout my journey of getting a degree in business. I want to be able use my skills to leave an impact on a student’s life, so he or she can grow into a young professional and make the correct moves in college. Also, when I was in high school, my school did not offer a mentoring program from college students, so I did not have someone’s personal experience and expertise to teach me what to do and not what to do. Therefore, I want to make sure the students have the best experience in college.

I want to be able to facilitate my personal growth by developing leadership and team skills by helping students grow and succeed in high school. It will allow me to work with individuals from different backgrounds and different personalities to become a more effective leader and team member.

In three hundred words or less tell us about your birth order, are you the first-born, middle-born or last-born child in your family. Describe your educational and family background.

I am originally from Modesto, California where my mom, dad, and brother lived. I am the youngest of my family. My parents never graduated from college, but my only sibling, Juan, graduated from Fresno State in spring. He was the only person in my immediate family to graduate from college. I am the last born, and I will be graduating a year after him in fall of 2014. I graduated from Riverbank High School in 2008 then transferred to Modesto Junior College. When I first went to a junior college, I studied to be an engineer; however, after taking several classes, I knew it wasn’t for me. I switched to business because I could relate to the topics. And after four years of being at Modesto Junior College, I moved 345 miles away to attend California State University Long Beach in Fall 2012.

17. In two hundred words or less tell us what skills, traits, talents or life experience do you have that may contribute to the life of an inner-city high school student? Explain.
I attended Riverbank High School; it was the smallest and least funded school in that county. My school lacked many resources like new books, tutoring programs, Therefore, I can relate to the struggle that some students might face when thinking about attending college.

You have made a successful transition from high school to college. If you could tell Jordan High School students one thing you wished you had