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Community Profile
(Coins 4 Critter Foundation)

There are many community profiles to choose and talk about. This community profile will be specifically talking about a charity foundation put on for the lease fortunate, animals that are abused and abandoned. This foundation gives animals a second chance to live a joyful and non-cruel environmentally friendly life when they were never given a first chance to begin with. This miracle saving foundation for animals is called Coins for Critter. They are a federal non-profit animal welfare group. Since Coins for Critter is a federal non-profit animal welfare group, they are spread out through the U.S. Luckily Muskogee county was blessed enough with hard working people to hold this foundation together and to keep it well organized for the animal’s sake. Coins 4 critters is an advocate remotely responsible pet ownership assisting people who have low income with low cost for getting there animals spade and neutered and having vaccinations done to them. This main purpose for this foundation is to foster and adopt abandoned and beaten animals. They also help out the Muskogee Animal shelter by taking animals that need to be fostered or adopted to available spaces and home that are involved in this foundation. They are currently helping out the Ft. Gibson Animal shelter. Coins 4 Critters currently does not own a shelter. The way that this foundation works is instead of owning a shelter, the board members and the caring people who volunteer for this non-profit foundation help foster and assist in taking care of the animals at their homes until they are adopted and reunited with a loving, caring family. Since Coins 4 critter does there work in Muskogee, they would assist the whole part of Muskogee County. Coins 4 Critter does not own a shelter. They have spayed and neutered over 3,500 animals and have assisted and cared for over 5,000 animals by holding fundraisers; bake sales, Muskogee Phoenix garage sales, Annual bean supper, private donations, and grants. They are currently waiting on a $10,000 grant approval through the government. Coins 4 Critters is also partners with big named organizations such as Petco, Pedigree, Pet smart, and PAWS. They are also partnered with smaller organizations such as the Sallisaw animal shelter, Gore rescue groups, legacy of hope which is a pit bull rescue, and many more pure breed rescues around the country. Coins 4 Critters transports some puppies and dogs as far away as Wisconsin where they have spade and neutered laws and few excess pets. These are just many more of the reason why this foundation is so successful. Many people might ask why Muskogee? Because Muskogee is a low income area and a no spade or neutered city ordinance. Most people do not spay and neuter their pets so Muskogee has too many pets with few homes. Pets are dumped or disposed of in cruel and harsh ways. This is a public health issue tragic for the unwanted pets, and numerous animals that spread diseases, die of starvation, who are poisoned, and shot and hit by vehicles Here is a disturbing fact, 5-8 million pets are euthanized annually in the U.S., most are healthy but lack a suitable and caring home. Spade and neutering these pets would eliminate these cruel and meaningless deaths. Coins for Critter has a goal though in which to change the mentality of the public about spade and neutering their pets, increase animal welfare, and decrease the outrageous number of unwanted and disposed pets. This is a big goal but with right amount of help and good mind set within the people will soon have this goal behind them and aiming for a new solitary and unique goal. Coins 4 Critters advertise their program through their big partners such as Petco by throwing fundraiser adoptions outside the store where people can adopt pets. This Foundation also partners with Veterinarians who tell and appoint their low income customers towards Coins 4 Critters direction. The board members