Compare And Contrast Dogs And Children

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Dylan Kraft
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Compare and contrast
Dogs and Children “Early life experiences affect a dog’s ability to trust people and handle stress. A good environment is one that provides positive social experiences and teaches a puppy to make friends with people and animals”. Clearly desirable by both philosophies, the statement could have come from either the teacher’s perspectives or the dog training manuals. In fact, by simply changing out the dog references to “toddlers” or “preschoolers” and vice versa. The dog trainers could have been quoted in a child raising book.
Dogs and children are both alike in many ways from have different personality to different ways of learning and as a parent it’s our job to figure what works best for are dog or child. along with learning both dogs and child need to recognize right from wrong but screaming and yelling at them at such a young age solves nothing and actually makes them fear u in a sort of way and trust me fear is not always the bet motivator, how you should approach discipline is in a calm assertive manner but make sure it differs from your normal talking voice in tone not so much in volume. Although discipline is needed there also comes a time when the dog or child needs affection and play time but is important to not baby them as they may get attached and come to expect the attention all the time like in the TV episode Bad News Bubba. The owners basically gave bubba everything he ever wanted so the dog was controlling every aspect of their live instead of the other way of life how it should be.
Dogs and children may be alike but they also have many differences one of these is rational thinking for instance a child may plan something out to get attention or get something her or she wants as for the dog. On the other hand May simply react to its surrounding purely by instinct. Another great difference is the fact of say what you mean and mean what u say, Usually do to commonsense a dog cannot always understand you the way he does what he is told is solely based on the energy and tone of you voice children on the other hand need a little more attention when it comes to this when u say no it means no you can’t go back on what you said just because their crying that gives them the idea that they can do that every time. Safety is another big concern when it comes to dogs and kids a dog usually has free roam but a kid on the other had may require a little more supervision for instance you wouldn’t take a 5 year old to the fair and tell them to go have fun without watching them. There are tons of things that are wrong with that sentence especially knowing they could be getting hurt or worse! Getting abducted by some carnie not to stereotype anyone!
Dogs are a great way to learn responsibility they teach you a great many things but they also need to lean many things from you. The basic three are attention exercise and discipline when a dog has these three in perfect harmony it can live a balanced life. If one for instance, discipline is not being achieved the dog may act out to get what it needs but you also need to remember that screaming and yelling at the dog out of anger solves nothing but being calm and assertive and giving off that energy tells the dog he’s in