Competency Goal 1 Essay

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Seneca Gatlin

Competency Goal #1
Definition- To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.

1. Safe- I provide a safe environment and teach children safe practices to prevent and reduce injuries. Ensuring that my student’s shoes are tied throughout the day promotes safety. Making sure that all cleaning materials and potentially dangerous objects such as scissors and sharp pencils are put up out of the students reach. Guaranteeing that all toys are safe to be used by the children every morning when I report to work. Keeping the outdoor play area free of broken glass or other hazardous materials before and during the time the students are outside for recess. Teaching them how to tie their shoes is one of the many ways I promote safety. Engaging the children in role play regarding safety procedures allows them to learn through play. Having detailed lesson plans geared towards safety issues and emergency procedures, and teaching the students how to remind their friends to keep safe.

2. Healthy-I provide an environment that promotes health and prevents illness, and teaches children about good nutrition and practices that promote wellness. Making sure that the play areas are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis prevents unforeseen illnesses. Maintaining emergency information once a month and placing the information in an area where it can be easily identified in case of an emergency. Tending to each student individual’s needs, such as eating, bathroom and resting time. In addition I teach the children how to develop simple health behaviors. Using role play,