Conflict Resolution Policies at the Workplace Essay

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Exclusive Summary

Conflicts are quite common phenomena existing in a corporate daily operation. These disputes can reduce the productivity of the workplace and impose bad influences on a company. Recently, two staffs of Cape Tisbe LTD had a severe quarrel and this conflict has gradually evolved into nearly a real fight. To tackle this problem, as the administration team, we propose this report. Firstly, we reviewed the corresponding policies issued by Cape Tisbe, which are Conflict Resolution Policy and Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Policy. And then, we searched the website of Australian Fair Work to find some official regulations about the conflicts. The information provides us good insights on improving our current policies. In the analysis part, we made a comprehensive analysis on the weakness of our policies. To consolidate our argument, we also referred to Gibb Categories as a reasonable direction for our training reformation. In the following part, we proposed our recommendation from the policy perspective and the training perspective. The strategy can be summarised as further developing the current conflict resolution as well as providing more contents regarding communication skills in the internal training. After taking all these measures, we believe not only the conflict in our case, but also the majority of the future conflicts can be solved in a timely and reasonable manner.

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Nowadays, communication plays a crucial role in modern companies. Without effective communication, misunderstanding may add up and conflicts can erupt. A successful business will always attempt to take effective measures to control conflicts to a low level. In our case, Melissa and Rachel has a big disagreement on the way of work. To avoid the further negative impacts on the workplace communication climate, we, the administration team of Cape Tisbe, propose this report on the basis of this case, current policies as well as a wide range of external resources about the communication and conflicts. It is sincerely hoped that this report can provide useful insights to the policy maker of Cape Tisbe Ltd.


CAPE Tisbe Training and Consulting Ltd is a multinational company which has business in five different countries. As a Tasmanian-owned company, it provides professional services regarding domestic and international training, consulting and international manufacturing. CAPE Tisbe is committed to providing services and products which are of the highest quality. All the services are especially designed to satisfy customers’ need. CAPE Tisbe also contributes to add value to corporate clients with respect to financial sustainability and quality of life. Currently, I work at CAPR Tisbe as an Administration Manager. As a team of five members, we are in charge of supporting all functions regarding administration, accounting, finance and compliance of the organization (Cape Tisbe Ltd 2014). Issues

Concerned parties are Melissa, the senior administrative officer and Rachel. One day, we heard them yelling at each other in the office. There were also other noise of falling chairs and breaking things.

To investigate reasons for the quarrel, we separated them and made investigations individually. They all tell different stories and claim that it is impossible to work together any more for having different ideas for their work. For example, Rachel disagreed with Melissa’s way of filling forms and thus refused to follow her guide. At the same time, Melissa grumbled that Rachel never went to work on time. In respond to this, Rachel said this was because Melissa constantly criticized her. This prejudice was unacceptable. What is worse, they are trying to get the other staffs to take sides.


There are several policies issued…