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Kylie Jacobs
October 9th, 2014
NWC 115 -01
Dr. Jackson

Bernal Diaz de Castillo: A Conquistador’s View, 1568 V. A Nahua View of Conquest The first document, A Conquistador’s View is a primary document written by Bernal Diaz de Castillo. This document written in 1568 nearly fifty years after the series of events took place. De Castillo was a conquistador whom recalls his journey to Montezuma. In comparison, the second document, A Nahua View of Conquest was a series of accounts of the indigenous people with the help of Spanish missionaries. These accounts were of survivors and their descendants almost thirty years after conquest. These were similar because they weren’t taken at the time or directly after the event but some years later. In contrast, these two primary documents were accounts of people on opposite sides of the spectrum. A Conquistador’s View discusses the events of his journey into Tenochtitlan and the following battles. He discusses the greetings his troops received from Montezuma’s people, their long journey into Tenochtitlan and the battles that followed. “But I have not exaggerated them, for during the ninety-three days we lay before this great and strong city” (14). He didn’t focus as much on describing the people he encountered but rather the war aspects of the encounters as surely he was trained to do. In comparison, A Nahua View of Conquest discusses the indigenous peoples conquest through their eyes and the eyes. The indigenous people gave a very detailed explanation for all of their actions. “Motecuhzoma had sent the magicians to learn what sort of people the strangers might be, but they were also to see if they could work some